When Unamuno, in his "human Dignity", places the highest point of the same in the cultivation of the earth and the obtaining of food, obviously the Agriculture had not reached the high degrees of aggressiveness that we know today. Planting, caring, harvesting was in large part an alliance, a pact between man and nature in which both put almost the same.


Today everything is forced, proportionality and respect have fallen into oblivion, when not in a discredit and rejection.


You do not trust in the balance and renewing force of the nature of life itself. And so we have come to the misfortune that the ever sacred task of feeding men is entrusted to non-organic chemistry.

We eat more, of course, but not better. And in absolute numbers nothing is clear that the whole of humanity is accessing greater amounts of food. But in the case that statistics are quantitative, what is clear is that we eat worse. The quality, that is, the taste, smell, color and nutritional capacity of our food has dropped dramatically.


Rapid growths, artificial and hormone fattening, cycles stretched under plastic, sowing huge and even permanent poisons and, above all, preservatives and dyes take us away from health. Of the health of Nature and of our bodies. I would say, moreover, that most of the current farmers and ranchers are removed from the dignity of caretakers of the land and other living beings to immerse them in the homogeneity of industrial food producers. Food always contaminated to some extent. Returning forward is the proposal of Biological Agriculture. To return to the old pact of mutual assistance, but, of course, without discarding technology, liberating the heaviest burdens and efforts.


The time has come to propose the cultural regenerationism that Biological Agriculture exemplifies, the one that has always been summarized with the phrase that the end does not justify the means. The end eating can not be achieved through a constant sowing of poisons that kills third parties. Alliances with death -biocida- sooner or later will take their toll. On the contrary, life plus life, or better, life for life, is life squared: it is food without inert soils, without animals becoming extinct, without diseased waters and without hurt airs.


The constructive proposal of the Biological Agriculture is making its way between columns of smoke, administrative incomprehension and three Himalayas of vested interests. Luckily, the example has begun to spread. We are returning to pampering our soils with organic fertilizers, to align ourselves with the infinite creativity of nature.


We are still on time!


Joaquín Araújo
"Premio global 500". 1991

(Premio Nóbel Alternativo)