How to buy

We have opted for a very simple procedure, since in any case a telephone or email confirmation of the conditions of the transaction will be necessary. This is because the weight of the package can exceed that of the basic shipping rate, in which case the final cost of the transport will be communicated and in case of compliance the order will be finally processed.

It could also happen that some of the products run out on the fly and in that case a new conformity would also be necessary.

The purchase mechanism consists of adding products to the cart and when you want to order the order go to the basket and press the order button. From there, it will be necessary to enter the information requested, if not already in our file, and mark the different options before finalizing the process. Once completed, the confirmation and reference of the order will appear on the screen, at the same time that a complete file of the same will be received in the supplied email address.

After proceeding with the aforementioned ratification, the order will be sent within a period of no more than a week, except for setbacks or impossibility of any kind.