About us

Our history

We have been leaving in a sustainable way, growing our own vegetables since 1995. When in 2001 we acquired this old farm located on the roundabouts of Ciudad Real, in this exceptional rural place called ‘La Poblachuela’, we considered the possibility of making a living out of it. This area is great for growing certain vegetable species so we decided to finally start our activity focused on those that are well adapted to the climate as well as to the characteristics of this soil. 

We got registered in the Organic Agriculture Registry of Castilla-La Mancha on the 19th of August 2003, after a thorough evaluation performed by the certifying company CAAE, which also periodically examines our activity and products. Currently, we have the commercial and industrial license under the registration number CAAE 19842 and Health Registration number RGSA 21020407CR.

Production process

Our land has a very fertile soil, rich in Calcium and Nitrogen. In order to increase the nutrients availability after planting, we apply our own compost. We make this compost by mixing and fermenting vegetable rests from pruning and other garden works together with the manure obtained from our chickens and our beloved sheep Berta. Our main production is focused on tomatoes and red peppers that grow very well in these conditions. 

After the harvest, the tomatoes and red peppers are selected one by one, based on quality criteria prior to be hand-cut and dried, with or without salt (depending on the variety and time of the summer)with the only effect of the direct sun exposure and air flow, which preserves most of the nutrients as well as aromas and flavors. This process takes around a week after which the tomatoes are store at optimal conditions of temperature and humidity in airtight bags. 

Some of the sun-dried tomatoes and peppers are then ground for an easier application in a wide range of recipes. Ground as well as whole sun-dried tomatoes in addition to different species and olive oil are used for the elaboration of all the products that can be found in our catalogue. Every single ingredient used in our products is certified as organic and as much as possible, with ‘fair trade’ certification. In addition, we always strive to use the healthier alternative for each of these ingredients without affecting the flavors, such as the substitution of sugar for stevia or beet root.

Our vision

La Verdera is a family company in which every product is handmade, limiting the use of machinery to the two steps of grinding and mixing of our spreadable products. Every single one of the four members of our family is involved in the different steps of the production. Our daughter and son, nutritionist and biologist respectively, supervise the whole line of production in order to assure the highest quality possible in our products in terms of taste and nutrition characteristics.