Tasty & Healthy

Recipes designed to be tasty and beneficial for body and soul.

Organic & Hand-crafted

Every ingredient used in our hand-crafted products is certified organic.

Non-GMO & No-additives

None of the ingredients of our products is genetically modified and no artificial additives are used in the elaboration process.

Vegan friendly

No animal products are used in the elaboration of our products.

Tips for your health

  • "Real" foods

    Food has focused on nutrients and calories, instead of food, instead of real food. We speak in terms…

  • Superfoods as well

    What are superfoods? This fashionable term, which is experiencing an authentic editorial boom, refers to those foods whose…

  • Ideal for Vegetarians

    Dipped, toasted on toast, with vegetable crudités, as a filling for vegetables or fresh pasta, accompanying different dishes,…

  • Real and sustainable economy

    FAO has developed a common vision and an integrated approach for the sustainability of agriculture, forestry and fisheries.…

  • To take "as is" or combined

    So delicious is our vegetable sobrasada directly spread on bread, as used to accompany a pasta or some…

  • Bon appetit... green.

    Benefits of organic food: Safe, natural and authentic products. Ecological products have benefits for you, for the environment…

Healthy options for every day

We offer a large variety of options for every meal of the day. Always delicious, light and healthy – our products range from vegan bread spreads, dried vegetables and fruits, cooking condiments or already prepared sauces. There is something for everyone!

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